DVD Info

The DVD is available at different levels of pricing. Your license level will depend if you are using it at home, in the classroom or would like to host an event. 

ASL explanation of the different licensing levels. Has captions, voice-overs. See transcript, below. 

Austin-Unbound DVD


  • Home use: $23.95
  • Institutions: $195-$295


Original film is in American Sign Language and has English subtitles, no voice-overs. The DVD has:

  • Chapter menu for easy navigation
  • AD track for the blind
  • Classroom editions for 12+
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Video Transcript:

Eliza sits in an office-like setting and signs to the camera.

Hello, I'm Eliza. I made the film “Austin Unbound.” I wanted to quickly explain the licensing levels, there are three.

The first one is called "home use" It doesn't matter where you watch the film. It could be on your laptop on vacation or at home. Really the important thing is that it's in a private setting. It could be with friends or family for example. That's available online now, you could rent it or buy it. You could order the DVD. It is Collective Eye Films that would be sending the DVD to you - that's our distribution company.

They are also responsible for handling the other licenses including those for schools, universities, libraries who may want to show the film during class or have it on their shelves. That's at the institutional pricing.

Finally, for those of you who may want to show the film with an audience, have people come together and watch it as a public event, the thing to do would be to fill out the form and Collective Eye Films will be in touch and communicate from there.

Those are the three levels. We hope you enjoy "Austin Unbound!"