Film Release!

Austin and Eliza are pleased to announce that the film is finally available for everyone! 

Austin and Eliza share the news that they are now on good terms and ready to release the film for everyone! Also, Austin is available to do special appearances. Has captions, voice-overs.


Austin and Eliza stand under a tree and sign to the camera.

Austin: Hello everyone. I'm Austin, this is Eliza. I wanted to make an announcement before I went ahead with my story. For a while now, there's been some conflicts that have been here. Those have been resolved and everything is good. We're ready for our announcement.

Eliza: Yes, it's exciting! Until now, Austin Unbound has been sold to universities and libraries. Soon, everyone can buy the DVD and rent it online.

Austin: Pretty cool huh about time! Also, if you would like me to come to your city for a presentation or something please contact our website.

Eliza passes DVD to Austin. Jeska runs up behind them and pulls it out of Austin’s hands.

Jeska: Oh give me that finally, finally I've been waiting forever!

Jeska runs off.

Austin: Hey, get your copy now!

Austin and Eliza look at each other and nod.

Jeska: yeahhhhh

Eliza looks at Jeska who is now running off in the other direction. She shrugs at Austin.