Austin is deaf and transgender, but identifies as a straight man. After top-surgery, he will stop binding and breathe freely. His journey is an inspiration to many, his self awareness, humor, and personality long recognized and honored in his community. 

In middle school, he changed his name and began to dress as a boy. Despite his challenges, Austin is a regular guy with a comedic sense and flair for romance.

Gathering varying intimate glimpses from his mother, girlfriend, and best friend, Austin shamelessly counters with his own reflections on his personal journey.  The film follows Austin and his best friend on a road trip to finally undergo a double-mastectomy. Austin’s courageous journey is shared through personal reflections and into the operating room. Unbound at last, Austin is eager to get on with life. He shares intimate insight with self-awareness and humor.

Austin Unbound: a Deaf Journey of Transgender Heroism won awards and was featured at film festivals and community events around the globe. It has been translated into nine foreign languages. The film portrays Austin’s Deaf experience in full cinematic effect, the music a portal to his world.